Copyright & New Business Models in the Creative Economy 2012-2016

From 2012 to 2016, CREATe explored how UK cultural and creative industries could thrive in the global digital economy by asking cutting-edge questions about digitisation, copyright, and innovation. Funded by the Research Councils UK, the £4m programme was based at the University of Glasgow and involved an interdisciplinary team of academics in law, economics, management, computer science, sociology, psychology, ethnography and critical studies. For more information, visit

ICC’s research focus was creative enterprises’ management of intellectual property. A number of publications resulted from this work:

  • Townley, B., Roscoe, P. J. & Searle, N. (2019). Creating economy: Enterprise, intellectual property and the valuation of goods. Oxford University Press.
  • Berthold, H., Grewar, M., Chillas, S., and Townley, B. (2018). ‘Appropriating value: On the relationship between business models and IP’ in C. Waelde and A. Brown (eds.) Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries.  Edward Elgar.
  • Grewar, M., Townley, B., and Young, E. (2015). Tales from the Drawing Board: IP wisdom and woes from Scotland’s creative industries.  St Andrews: Institute for Capitalising on Creativity. Download Tales from the Drawing Board (PDF, 10,426 KB)